Beztati boxes clever to defeat Yodkhunpon

Beztati boxes clever to defeat Yodkhunpon

Saturday, Sep 30 2017 by John O'Regan


Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai is something of an anomaly when it comes to Thai fighters, being primarily a puncher and a head-hunter rather than a tricky counter-fighter.

Still, he does have a lot of experience and plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and Tyjani Beztati did a considerable amount of homework on him prior to their GLORY 45 fight. In so doing, he demonstrated another level of adaptability to his game.

Fighters from the Dutch school tend to favor forward pressure over evasiveness. But faced with an opponent who would be depending on forward momentum for the fight, Beztati switched things up.

Instead of meeting Yodkhunpon head on, he determined to stay mobile and use his reach advantage and superior boxing to score on the young Thai veteran, while seeking to open him up for power shots.

For his part, Yodkhunpon marched forwards relentlessly, looking to close the distance and land power shots. For much of the fight his output simply wasn’t enough though, as he contented himself to throwing single left hook efforts.

When the two did sit in the pocket together they were at a range that favored Yodkhunpon and that led to some good exchanges, though even at this range it was notable that Yodkhunpon hardly used his legs to strike with.

In the final round Yodkhunpon had his best successes of the fight as he was able to close the distance down more often, but still nowhere near enough to score the knockdown that he needed to stay in the game.

The fight went the distance but the result was a foregone conclusion: a unanimous decision in favor of Tyjani Beztati to send him up to 4-0 in the lightweight division and now in the frame to establish himself as a top ten fighter.