Danenberg ends Uega's unbeaten run

Danenberg ends Uega's unbeaten run

Saturday, Sep 30 2017 by John O'Regan

Eyevan Danenberg welcomed Brazil’s Wellington Uega to GLORY in the second fight of the GLORY 45 Superfight Series card - and it was a baptism of fire.

Uega carried a 31-0 record from the Brazilian and South American regional circuits into the fight but would soon be leaving with his record blemished. 

Danenberg’s reach advantage and superior boxing ability caused problems for Uega early, the Brazilian struggling to land on his antagonist while taking damage himself.

There were some good exchanges in the first round but generally Danenberg had the running of it and his efforts were rewarded when he scored a knockdown right at the end of the first round, making it a 10-8 for him.

As it turned out, the judges would not be needed. Danenberg cranked the pressure up in the second round and was able to score another knockdown just over a minute into it. Twenty seconds later, he scored his second knockdown of the round.

The stoppage win was now within reach - three knockdowns in one round ends the fight by TKO. Danenberg went for broke, attacking Uega with a wild barrage of hooks which made up for in power what they lacked in aesthetics.

Uega tried to weather the storm but was still reeling from the earlier knockdowns. Danenberg’s punches crashed through and around his guard and sent him to the canvas for a third and final time, ending the fight just over halfway into its allotted duration.