First-ever Sanda match in GLORY lasts 45 seconds

First-ever Sanda match in GLORY lasts 45 seconds

Saturday, Oct 14 2017 by John O'Regan

Sanda is the national striking art of China and GLORY’s debut in the Middle Kingdom hosted a Sanda-rules fight as a way of paying respect to the art.

Two top talents were lined up in opposite slots, Hongxing Kong facing Yang Sun in their own usual weight category of 60 kgs (132 lbs).

Kong in particular is a standout, being the undisputed Sanda world champion at this weight.

Why that is was made quickly apparent. The two quickly got into the action but had hardly got warmed up before Kong found a way to end.

Stiff jabs got Sun’s attention before a left head kick sailed up and around his guard, felling him instantly.

So emphatic was the knockout that Kong strolled off as soon as he had dropped Sun, knowing the fight was over.

But he was back moments after Sun had regained consciousness, helping his opponent back to his feet and then insisting that he be allowed to help him across the ring to his corner stool.

Western kickboxers on the ground in Guangzhou for this weekend’s event have been asking questions about Sanda, many of them encountering it here for the first time. Kong gave them a succinct answer regarding its effectiveness.

Hongxing Kong def. Yang Sun, KO, R1 0:45