Plazibat and Mozny stage 'Fight of the Year' contender

Plazibat and Mozny stage 'Fight of the Year' contender

Sunday, Oct 13 2019 by Rob Tatum

The GLORY 69 SuperFight Series featured a heavyweight battle between Croatia’s Antonio Plazibat (17-3, 11 KO’s) and towering Slovakian Tomas Mozny (20-9-1, 6 KO’s).

Mozny delivered a powerful push kick at the open bell, sending Plazibat across the ring. He followed with combinations and Plazibat powered into the clinch. Mozny ripped the body with a left hook and followed it with a clubbing right hand. Despite having his back against the ropes, Mozny got the better of the punching exchanges.

Plazibat stayed in close and tried to get through the defense of the much taller Slovak fighter. Mozny scored with a short knee, but Plazibat continued his forward advance through the end of the frame.

A stiff jab from Mozny greeted Plazibat in round two. Plazibat again marched into boxing range, but Mozny punched his way out. After a series of knees from Mozny, Plazibat landed a massive right hand. Mozny wobbled and fell into the ropes, forcing the referee to rule a knockdown. Blood poured from Mozny’s nose and Plazibat went for the kill. He flurried with punches and put Mozny down a second time. Mozny was able to battle back and survive the round.

Knowing he was down on the scorecards entering the final round, Mozny began to open up with his strikes. Plazibat countered back with more power strikes in the corner. A stiff left from Plazibat caught Mozny clean, but the big man stayed on his feet.

Moments later, another jab sent Mozny to the ground for the third time. Mozny recovered and cracked Plazibat with a massive uppercut. The Croatian’s chin stoop up to the desperate shots from Mozny. Somehow the fight went to the judges.

With the trio of knockdowns, it was no surprise to hear Plazibat’s name read as the winner.

Antonio Plazibat def. Tomas Mozny by unanimous decision (29-25 on all five judges' cards)