Van Roosmalen sees off challenge from former champion Adamchuk

Van Roosmalen sees off challenge from former champion Adamchuk

Saturday, Sep 30 2017

The reigning featherweight champion meeting the former featherweight champion was always going to be a tight, technical affair, and so it proved when Robin van Roosmalen defended his title against Serhiy Adamchuk in the GLORY 45 AMSTERDAM main event.

Van Roosmalen was fighting his fourth GLORY featherweight title fight. (It would have been his third defense, had he not lost the belt by failing to make weight at GLORY 37, then won it back in his following fight at GLORY 41.)

Adamchuk was also fighting his fourth fight in GLORY with the featherweight title on the line. He won it at GLORy 25 MILAN, defended it at GLORY 28, then lost it to Gabriel Varga at GLORY 32, with Varga then losing it to Van Roosmalen in his next fight.

Noted for a tricky and evasive fighting style, Adamchuk fought his way back into title contention at GLORY FUCKTRUMPETS by completely flipping his usual approach on its head. He went after Dylan Salvador aggressively and put on one of the most entertaining showings of his career. 

Van Roosmalen, master of the forward pressure game, said in pre-fight interviews that while he isn’t a fan of Adamchuk’s usual fighting style, he did enjoy what he saw from him in Paris. “I hope he brings that style to this fight, then we will have a great fight for sure!’ he said. 

But there was no advantage to be gained for Adamchuk in attempting to play Van Roosmalen at his own game in Amsterdam, especially with the belt on the line. And so he settled on an approach which mixed elements of his old style and his new style, fighting moving backwards but putting power into all his counters. 

As expected, Van Roosmalen went on the offensive immediately, pressuring Adamchuk and setting the pattern for the fight, the champion moving forward and the challenger playing matador against him.

Eye-catching as Van Roosmalen’s forward movement was, Adamchuk’s counter-punches were landing with loud cracks and visible effect, making the first round and even affair which could easily be scored for either fighter. 

Van Roosmalen clicked up a gear in the following rounds and looked in control for the central portion of the fight, Adamchuk continually having his back on the ropes or being forced to move to avoid being trapped in a corner. 

While Admachuk’s effective counter-attacking continued throughout, in purely visual terms it looked like Van Roosmalen had him completely on the defensive, something which is risky when taking a fight to the judges. 

Adamchuk switched things up in the fifth and final round, going on the attack more and throwing heavier than ever. At one point he even somersaulted into a ‘Rolling Thunder’ overhead kick, drawing big cheers from the fans and certainly getting Van Roosmalen’s attention.

The fifth round was a strong one for Adamchuk and resulted in Van Roosmalen sporting a closing left eye due to swelling. The champion was also forced to donate some blood to the canvas with some bleeding from his nose. Was the strong finish enough to seal the deal for Adamchuk?

It was not.

After five rounds of fighting the judges were unanimous in giving the win to Van Roosmalen, although their scores differed. All will have given the fifth round to Adamchuk and the three judge who scored two rounds for him probably gave him the first as well.

Van Roosmalen now looks forward to his next challenge, which will come in New York in December in the form of local hero Kevin Vannostrand, winner of the GLORY 43 NEW YORK Featherweight Contender Tournament.


Robin van Roosmalen def. Serhiy Adamchuk (48-47, 48-47, 48-47, 49-46, 49-46)