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Alyssa Arce is a Southern Belle, hailing from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Arce was Playboy’s Miss July in 2013 and her modeling career is going from strength to strength. But she is no prim princess - away from the photographer’s lights, Arce is into sports in a big way.

“I've always enjoyed contact sports, as does my family. I'm very active and fit - I played soccer for fifteen years,” she says.


What are some of the most memorable things you’ve seen while on tour with GLORY?

It has to be the knockouts. Some of them are just insane.

GLORY has allowed me to visit and work in cities around the world that I have always wanted to visit. I love exploring new cities and the different cultures .


The best and worst things about constant travel around the world?

All the lovely places I get to see and new people I get to meet. I'm a gypsy at heart so traveling doesn't bother me.

The worst thing about constant travel would be the lack of stability and not being with my dog, Kola L. Leaving him kills me but it’s always a warm welcome when I see him.


You’re always traveling, so have you got packing your case down to a fine art or is it still a case of trying on hundreds of outfits and trying to stuff too much in?

After living out of a suitcase for five years - yes, five years - I've pretty much got it pretty down to what the essentials are to pack. 

I have to have my favorite headphones from Musik, my iPad, a hand and face moisturizer, chapstick and my travel neck pillow.


For girls who would like to be where you are right now, what would you advise?

I suggest have an open mind, easy-going personality, and self-driven mentality. You want to be able to know who are in this industry so you don't get lost. But then again, getting lost sometimes helps you find who you are.


If you weren’t in this kind of career, what do you think you would have done instead?

If I wasn't in this career, I was planning to attend school for pediatric dentistry or something for fashion. I think more likely it would have been the dentistry because I absolutely love kids.


Any near misses while working for GLORY?

There have been all sorts of things happening while us GLORY girls have been on stage. Once we all held the wrong cards up, it was Round 2 and we were holding Round 3. I’ve also have been accidentally spat on by one of the fighters while he was in his corner between rounds, a mix of blood, sweat, and saliva.

I think all of us have had these experiences. I don't know about the other gals but I have almost tripped off the ring once as well. It was a close call!


Do you have any favorite fighters?

My favorite fighters would have to be Rico Verhoeven - he’s a stud - and Peter Aerts, because he is a legend.


What are your favorite techniques/things to see in the ring?

I am all about the body shots!


Let’s say you’re competing in the first-ever four-woman GLORY Ring Girl Tournament. What color shorts/fight gear would you compete in and what would your finishing move be?

I’d have black trunks with purple sequins and then I would have my name in turquoise writing.  I have to make sure I stand out: look good, feel good, fight good. My finishing move? I don’t know, there’s so many to choose from!