Adegbuyi out to secure title shot at GLORY 21 SAN DIEGO

Adegbuyi out to secure title shot at GLORY 21 SAN DIEGO

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

Top heavyweight contender Benjamin Adegbuyi (18-2, 13 KO’s) faces Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva (38-11-1, 24 KO’s) in the main event of the Superfight Series card at GLORY 21 SAN DIEGO

The Romanian had hoped for a title shot after his win over Hesdy Gerges at GLORY 18 OKLAHOMA, but says he is not overly concerned about matchmakers wanting to see him continue his battle up the rankings.  

“It is GLORY’s decision and I respect that. But I hope after this fight that I can get the title shot. I am already 3-0 [in GLORY] and then I will be 4-0,” he says.

“I thought after I beat Hesdy my next fight would be for the title but it is no problem, I am not disturbed about it. I am a fighter, I fight anyone. But it would be nice to fight for the title I think. In my opinion I can do it.

“Anderson is a very experienced guy. He’s good; even though he lost to some big names like Saki, Daniel Ghita, Badr Hari, he always puts on a good show, he never backs up. I like this.”

His title shot hopes mean Adegbuyi has taken some time to look at Rico Verhoeven (45-10, 11 KO’s), the current world heavyweight champion. He was impressed with Verhoeven’s GLORY 19 title defense against Errol Zimmerman.

Verhoeven set out to prove a point to critics of his knockout ratio, putting heavy pressure on Zimmerman early. The fight ended late in the second round when Zimmerman suffered a knee injury during a kick attempt but Adegbuyi thinks, had that not happened, Verhoeven would have ended things anyway.

“I think Rico would have knocked him out, I don’t think Errol could handle [that pace],” he explains. As for his own fight with Verhoeven, as and when it happens, he is confident that he could score a stoppage of his own.

“I would have to fight smart because he has good conditioning, always. But I would try to knock him out,  because I have knockout power. In the last fight Rico showed that he has some power also but I don’t think he can fight for the full five rounds the way he fought Errol in the first round,” he says. 

“I have natural power - when I KO people I am not actually trying to KO them, it just happens.” 

Adegbuyi is currently #3 in the heavyweight rankings. At #1 is fellow Romanian contender Daniel Ghita, who has not fought since a GLORY 17 loss to Verhoeven, and at #2 is the Russian veteran Sergey Kharitonov (5-4, 3 KO’s)

Kharitonov’s placement so high in the rankings causes raised eyebrows on Adegbuyi’s part, but he is more than happy to face him if GLORY want to make the fight. He doesn’t see Kharitonov standing much of a chance. 

“He is a good fighter and I respect him, he is a legend, he fought in PRIDE back in the day. I watched him when I was younger. But if we got in the ring together? Hmm. There can be no respect, no friendship, only war. Then afterwards we can get back to normal.”

GLORY 21 SAN DIEGO takes place Friday, May 3 at the Valley View Casino in San Diego, California, USA and is headlined by Artem 'The Lion' Levin defending the World Middleweight Championship against Simon ‘Bad Bwoy’ Marcus. The event airs on Spike TV at 11pm ET. 

Adegbuyi vs. Silva takes place on the Superfight Series card, which airs on Saturday May 4 on the CBS Sports Network. A live, HD stream of the Superfight Series card is available via for $9.99.