GLORY 36 PRELIMS: Harut stops Solaja in a minute

GLORY 36 PRELIMS: Harut stops Solaja in a minute

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

Harut Grigorian is described by his coach Nicky Hemmers as “a do or die” fighter. He is relentlessly aggressive, with defense a secondary consideration, and that means that he generally either stops his opponent or goes down in the attempt.

Danijel Solaja was on the receiving end of Grigorian's attentions in the GLORY 36 PRELIMS. They last just over a minute. Grigorian came out of his corner and straight into top gear, as he does, with Solaja fighting a rear-guard action immediately.

Pressing Solanja backwards towards the ropes, Grigorian made his German opponent cover his head to avoid a knee strike. He then followed that with two thunderous hooks across his torso. The right hand ripped across Solaja's body, the left drove into his lower ribcage.

Solaja responded with a right cross. But even as his right hand shot out into space his body was reacting to the blows it had just taken. He fell down in mid-punch and curled forward in a ball of agony. Locked in his own private hell, he seemed hardly aware of the referee's presence as the ten-count ended the fight.

Grigorian now rises to 2-1 in GLORY with both wins by stoppage. There was no post-fight interview; the Armenian is a man of few words. His hands do most of his talking and what they are saying is that if you're going to get in the ring with him, you need to be ready for total war from the opening bell.

Harut Grigorian def. Danjel Solaja, TKO, R1 1:01