GLORY Smacks officially launches with free NFT starter pack for new users

GLORY Smacks officially launches with free NFT starter pack for new users

Tuesday, Dec 21 2021 by GLORY Press Office

ans can now start collecting the greatest moments in kickboxing history.

GLORY today announced the official launch of GLORY Smacks, the digital collectibles experience in partnership with Fandem, a blockchain company building custom NFT marketplaces for global rights holders. The world’s premier kickboxing organization becomes the first combat sports organization to market with its entire video inventory minted to the blockchain.

New users of GLORY Smacks will be given a free Starter Pack which contains a single video NFT. Fans can start their collection with any number of rare moments from the early days of K-1 to present day GLORY. Full packs will go on sale in January along with a complete secondary marketplace for collectors to buy, sell, and trade highlights from their favorite fighters.

“GLORY Smacks is loud and unapologetic. It’s full of action which is what we’re known for with our live events. We’re excited to bring this product to our fans and give them another way to engage with the sport that we all love.” says Jon Martone, GLORY’s EVP Marketing, Digital and Partnerships.

The full marketplace will allow users to complete collections by fighter and themes which will unlock exclusive perks from the league. The sport’s most iconic highlights will be included from the last 25 years including Badr Hari’s spinning heel-kick KO over Stefan Leko and Bobb Sapp upsetting Ernesto Hoost. Users can complete collections of the most prominent kickboxers such as Rico Verhoeven, Semmy Schilt, Israel Adesanya, and other fan favorites.

“We built GLORY Smacks with the core fans in mind - delivering a user experience that is intuitive and easy to use for users new to NFTs and crypto,” says Cody Cheshier, Fandem’s Chief Strategy Officer. “If you’re a fight fan, the project is a perfect entry point into digital collectibles and we’re excited about where it will evolve, namely the crossover of NFT ownership into real-world opportunities with GLORY’s premier live events.”

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