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How to watch GLORY 86

  • News
  • May 26, 2023

GLORY 86 streams live tonight at 20:00 CET / 2pm ET on Videoland in the Netherlands. Fans can find their local GLORY broadcast partner(s) below.



- Austria:

- Bosnia & Herzegovina: TV Arena Sport

- Bulgaria (*delayed): BTV

- Croatia: TV Arena Sport

- Estonia: GO3

- Germany:

- Greece: Fight Network

- Kosovo: TV Arena Sport

- Latvia: GO3

- Lithuania: GO3

- Montenegro: TV Arena Sport

- Netherlands: Videoland

- North Macedonia: TV Arena Sport

- Poland: Viaplay

- Portugal: Fight Network

- Romania: AntenaPlay

- Serbia: TV Arena Sport

- Slovenia: TV Arena Sport

- Switzerland:

- Other European countries: YouTube



- Argentina: D Sports Fight

- Bolivia: D Sports Fight

- Brazil: Combate

- Canada: Fight Network

- Chile: D Sports Fight

- Colombia: D Sports Fight

- Ecuador: D Sports Fight

- Mexico: D Sports Fight

- Paraguay: D Sports Fight

- Peru: D Sports Fight

- Uruguay: D Sports Fight

- Venezuela: D Sports Fight

- Other North/South American countries: YouTube



- Angola: Fight Network, StarTimes

- Mozambique: Fight Network, StarTimes

- Sub-saharan Africa: StarTimes

- Other African countries: YouTube


Asia & Oceania

- Japan: U-NEXT

- Other Asian/Oceanian countries: YouTube