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Marshall stops Londt in battle of heavyweight contenders

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  • Dec 9, 2017

  Ismael Londt and D’Angelo Marshall have known each other a long time - Londt remembers taking Marshall under his wing after the 14-year-old wandered into the kickboxing gym they both started training at.   They are good friends outside of the gym and when this fight was first made, both admitted they were not enthralled at the prospect of having to fight each other. But the match made sense - Londt and Marshall have both won Heavyweight Contender Tournaments, so were forming a bottleneck in the heavyweight title contender picture.    Londt won his Contender Tournament back at GLORY 29. He ended up deferring a title shot in order to make it possible for Rico Verhoeven to fight Badr Hari at GLORY COLLISION. Londt fought Jamal Ben Saddik on that card and, in the process of losing a decision, suffered an arm injury which subsequently required surgery and kept him sidelined for twelve months.   Marshall’s Contender Tournament win came at GLORY 41 earlier this year, but with Londt’s return to action the matchmakers were keen to play the two off against each other and see which one would be best-placed to move forward with his title shot campaign.    Friends they may be, but Marshall and Londt pulled no punches once they got in the ring. A few warm-up shots from both sides quickly progressed to the two of them exchanging non-stop bombs.   Things went Marshall’s way in the first round when he nearly dropped Londt with a head kick. He pressed his advantage but Londt held on and came back strong in the second round. He dropped Marshall with a right cross which would have felled a bull.   It looked like it was going to be all over for Marshall but he gritted it out and denied Londt the opportunity to find the finishing shots. In the third round another Marshall high kick staggered Londt and this time Marshall was able to pounce and capitalize.   A barrage sent Londt reeling and staggering; Marshall stayed on him and finally landed the shot which ended the fight. Londt went down and failed to beat the referee’s count, handing Marshall a big-name stoppage win.   D’Angelo Marshall def. Ismael Londt (29-27, 28-27, 28-27, 28-27, 28-27)

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