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Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Results

  • Results
  • Jun 8, 2024

Donegi Abena wins the GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix

The GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix promised to be one of the most exciting nights in kickboxing history and it delivered. Eight of the division’s best went head-to-head in this one-night tournament with the goal to crown the baddest man in the division.

It was Donegi Abena’s (30-10, 10 KO) night as the former champ scored three equally impressive stoppages en route to lifting the GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix trophy.

The 26-year-old proved to be too much for Stefan Latescu (17-3, 8 KO) in the opening round, stopping him the third round to cap off incredible win. Then in the semi-finals he met old rival Tarik Khbabez (51-11-1, 28 KO) and finished him in the second round thanks to some devastating leg kicks.

In the final he came up against the fan favourite Bahram Rajabzadeh (69-3, 61 KO), who also stopped both of his opponents in electric fashion. However, Abena shocked everyone with a dominant first round performance sending the Azerbaijani to the canvas three times forcing an end to the contest.

Elsewhere on the card, Romania’s Ionut Iancu (29-9, 11 KO) blasted his way through the tough Murat Aygun (32-4, 8 KO) KO’ing him with a brutal left hook to introduce himself to GLORY fans and France’s Ramy Deghir (7-1, 1 KO) made it two for two in GLORY with a decision over Brice Kombou (18-6, 3 KO).

Rising prospects were the stars of the preliminary card as Morocco’s Soufiane Abdelkhalek (5-2-1, 2 KO) dominated Ilyass Chakir (17-5-1, 6 KO) in spectacular fashion and Turkey’s Cem Caceres (16-1, 13 KO) stopped Mohamed Amine (29-8, 16 KO) to win his GLORY debut.

Donegi Abena wins the GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix

GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Results

GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Final

Donegi Abena (30-10, 10 KO) def. Bahram Rajabzadeh (69-3, 61 KO) via TKO (three knockdown rule), round 1, 2:43.


Ionut Iancu (29-9, 11 KO) def. Murat Aygun (32-4, 8 KO) via KO (punch), round 2, 1:43.


Ramy Deghir (7-1, 1 KO) def. Brice Kombou (18-6, 3 KO) via split decision, (30-27, 29-28 x 2, 28-29 x 2).

Semi-Final 2

Bahram Rajabzadeh (69-2, 61 KO) def. Sergej Maslobojev (39-7, 24 KO) via TKO (retirement), round 2 0:20.

Semi-Final 1

Donegi Abena (29-10, 9 KO) def. Tarik Khbabez (51-11-1, 28 KO) via TKO (leg kicks), round 2, 0:30.

Quarter-Final 4

Bahram Rajabzadeh (68-2, 60 KO) def. Ibrahim El Bouni (41-10-1, 22 KO) via TKO (flying knee), round 1, 2:02.

Quarter-Final 3

Sergej Maslobojev (39-6, 24 KO) def. Bogdan Stoica (58-15, 40 KO) via TKO (knee), round 1, 1:05.

Quarter-Final 2

Donegi Abena (28-10, 8 KO) def. Stefan Latescu (17-3, 8 KO) via TKO (high kick), round 3, 0:59.

Quarter-Final 1

Tarik Khbabez (51-10-1, 28 KO) def. Pascal Toure (20-7, 7 KO) via unanimous decision (30-26 x 3, 29-27 x 2).


Soufiane Abdelkhalek (5-2-1, 2 KO) def. Ilyass Chakir (17-5-1, 6 KO) via unanimous decision (30-25 x 5)

Light Heavyweight Reserve Bout

Cem Caceres (16-1, 13 KO) def. Mohamed Amine (29-8, 16 KO) via KO (left hook), round 2, 1:32.

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